Vocational education, training and retraining improve job skills

Vocational education, training and retraining improve job skills

Chapter IV


Article 59 Vocational training and vocational training

1. Employees are selected trades and apprentices at work in line with their employment needs.

2. The State encourages employers who are qualified vocational training establishments or vocational training courses at work for training, retraining and retraining, raising the level and skills for employees are working for themselves and vocational training for apprentices under the provisions of the law vocational training.

Article 60. Responsibility of employers in training, retraining and raising the level of vocational skills

1. The employer plan and annual budget devoted to education and training organizations, improve their training and skills for workers are working for themselves; training for workers prior to their transfer to other occupations.

2. The employer must report the results of training, improve their training, professional skills for State management agencies of the provincial labor in the annual report on labor.

Article 61 Vocational training or apprenticeship to work for the employer

1. The employers hiring trainees and apprentices to work for themselves, they do not have to register vocational training activities and not to collect tuition.

Apprentices and apprentices in this case must be 14 years old and must meet health requirements in line with the profession, except for some occupations by the Ministry of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs regulations.

The two sides have signed a training contract. Vocational training contract must be made in 02 copies, each party keeps 01 copies.

2. During the apprenticeship, apprenticeship, if trainees or apprentices directly engage labor or the canonical way, it is the employers who pay as may be mutually agreed upon.

3. Upon the expiry of apprenticeship, apprentices, the two sides have signed labor contracts if all the conditions prescribed by this Code.

4. The employer is responsible for creating conditions for the workers involved in the evaluation skills to be certified national vocational skills.

Article 62. vocational training contract between employers, employees and training costs

1. The two sides have signed a training contract in the case of well-trained workers, improve the qualifications, skills, retraining at home or abroad at the expense of the employer, including funding from donor partners for the employer.

Vocational training contract must be made in 02 copies, each party keeps 01 copies.

2. Vocational Training Contract must contain the following key:

a) Vocational training;

b) Location of training, duration of training;

c) training costs;

d) Term employees are committed to work for the employer after the training;

e) Responsibility for reimbursement of training;

e) The liability of the employer.

3. Training costs include expenditures have valid documents for expenses paid to the teaching, learning materials, school, class, machines, equipment, practice materials, other expenses support learners and salaries, social insurance premiums, health insurance for students during school. Where employees are sent abroad for training, the training costs include travel expenses, living expenses while abroad.

Text Name: The Labour Code - Code 10/2012 / QH13
Number: 10/2012 / QH13
Date issued: 18/06/2012
Status effect: With effect from 05.01.2013. Still validated.
Person / Agency issued: National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Signer: Nguyen Sinh Hung - Chairman of the National Assembly

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