Consulting bad debts

Consulting bad debts

Recession, debt between organizations and individuals place more and more complicated. Aware of the importance of handling bad debt (debt collection, debt collection, handling bad debts, debt settlement loss of ability to pay), provide debt collection services Consulting (consulting revenue debt, bad debt handling advice). When using our service customers always have the bad debt handling solutions the fastest, most efficient.

If the business focus that concern debt collection (collection), the enterprise will be difficult, especially when large debts led to losses, even 'go bankrupt'

 The cause of bad debts, bad debts (debt solvency loss) is what?

From many years of consulting experience in debt collection (collection), we found the following underlying causes:

- Debts not clean management, not easy to properly prevent bad debts

- There is a breach of contract (violated delivery deadline, the deadline to finish the job ...)

- There are disputes about the quality, quantity and type of goods or services

- Debtors financial difficulties or other difficulties in production and business

- Debtors intend to constitute capital immediately after signing the contract or in the course of contract performance (using capital to the other, or drip tray or check)

- Debtors signs of fraud, abuse of trust property appropriation and use of capital into these illegal activities ...

Usually businesses how debt collectors?

- For the accounting for debt comparison

- Make written request repayment

- Bachelor of Accounting (salespeople) begged to debt collectors

- Suspending debt, freezing debt reschedule

- Thanks to 'him and that, on her' intervention

- Because termites 'social ties'

- Require the agency jurisdiction to resolve

- Thanks to the press on the ...

Why the results are not satisfactory, extend the debt or lose money / assets?

- Personnel handling the lack of legal knowledge to solve cases

- Staff unprofessional handling, inconsistent

- The debt settlement is no negotiation skills, put pressure on corporate debt

- The person in charge debt collection inexperienced communication, dealing with subjects or work experience debt with related agencies

- In many cases, lack of understanding of the law led to the end of the statute of limitations, making debt collection deadlock

Why businesses use the services of debt collection

- Work done by professionals, lawyers are professionally trained, experienced, bravery, flexibility, and works on the basis of laws so customers do not encounter the problems arising in debt collection process

- Client demands to creditors while keeping the relationship with the debtors (partner)

- Save time

- Low cost (fees are paid after debt collection)

- Flexible Handling many different subjects for age, occupation, education, social status

- Dare to take on difficult cases: local moving objects, office moving, hiding, or dispersed assets ...

- Guided how to prevent bad debts incurred

- Exemption or reduction when using other legal services

- Raising the prestige and honor of the enterprise (customers)

- The successful debt collection, not just deterrence partners intend to constitute capital, debt, but also help enterprises to sustainable development

How debt collection (bad debts) are applied in is what?

In the process of debt collection counseling, apply different measures, based on each object as appropriate debt, effectively.

In fact there are no less subject lawyer debt after we sent a document and go to work as actively payments. However there are many debtors, after a lot of effort, combining different measures, such as pressure, negotiate and cooperate with public security organs, courts, market management and enforcement must go through ... new judgment debt!

In general the debt collectors following methods usually applied:

- Mainly through mediation, negotiation talks

- Through court proceedings, arbitration (only after negotiating, negotiating ineffective)

- Judgment Enforcement (including enforcement, distraint of assets, accounts frozen)

- Competent authority: Inspectorate, police, newspapers, television, the superior authority of the subject debt

The debt collection counseling steps (bad debts) in

- Before conducting debt collection consultants, our company lawyers must identify the following four basic elements:

  + The value of legal liabilities record

  + Ability to finance debtors

  + Goodwill payment of debtors

  + For the purposes and requirements of the client (the creditor)

- To appoint attorneys research experience to find the legal basis of the debt profile, the data needed for doubtful debts

- Evaluate the financial capacity (solvency) of the debtor

- Assessment of goodwill repayment object

- Determine the requirements and objectives of the client's creditors

- Determine the actual residence of the debtor

- Exposure to object to negotiating debt, debt convince

- Advising clients the most beneficial solutions, optimal

- Participate in the civil proceedings, the proceedings of economic or criminal depending on the type of entity, the nature of the transaction incurred bad debt

* If the debt collector - through debt settlement proceedings, will help customers:

- Drafting lawsuit

- Guide the customer to collect evidence

- Lawyers representing customers filed lawsuits before courts and competent authorities to recover the debt

- To appoint good lawyer, participatory experience protecting the rights and legitimate interests in court customers

- Representing clients in enforcement

Consulting fee debt collection services (service charge off bad debts) in How?

There are many forms charged to customers to choose:

- Service fee is determined after lawyers study the case file and notify the customer in writing or

- Appraisal fee, verification, consolidation and standardization of records: According to agreement

* Basic service fee: Charged by a percentage (%) of the total amount (assets) doubtful, given each case with the level of difficulty (complex), location, object, legal nature of records management, debt age, the nature of debt ...

- Fees for basic services including consultancy fees, charges and write the application, verification fees, attorney's fees, attorney's fees in the court proceedings, the charges ... but excluding VAT and court fees , enforcement fees and other administrative fees paid by customer at the competent authorities

* Other Charges meet the needs of each customer:

- Only without basic charges calculated at the% of total assets (cash) demanded

- Service fee debt collection phases: verification fee, complete consolidation profile, represented fees, litigation attorneys' fees, consultancy fees, sports writing, supported the complaint charges ...

* Service fee does not include attorney's fees, litigation. Representation fees, litigation arise only, collected if the case is transferred to authorities solve (courts, police, ...)

* Fee for full service (including administrative fees, court fees and other charges ...)

* Flexible Payment: Customers pay in stages or upon receipt of full or in installments of money or property (other objects) of the debtor.

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