Business law advice

Business law advice

I. Legal Advisory Business

In the context of Vietnam are immersed in an international economy challenging as at present, domestic enterprises and foreign investors should have effective plans and appropriate for each time sign. Enterprises need to master the regulations and policies of the state for domestic enterprises and enterprises with foreign investment in all areas of activity.

Especially for those enterprises with foreign investment engaged in the Vietnam market should be clear and specific advice about the investment policy, the incentives and constraints, domains and industries business, labor policy, ... to be able to conduct an effective investment, avoid risk. Therefore, a professional legal department with strong legal knowledge is an integral part of every business in the period full of opportunities and challenges of today.

Recognizing the importance of ensuring the legality of business operations and the actual needs of enterprises in Vietnam, has accompanied many Vietnam businesses, enterprises foreign investors on the execution path of their business strategy.

II. Content enterprise legal advice

1. Business Legal Advice

Currently businesses are law changes to better suit the new situation of economic development in the trend of deeper integration into the world economy. In which the new policy will partly legislation creates advantages and problems attached to the enterprise in the process of applying and changed to fit the new mechanism.

The current legislation on corporate law to note the following:

+ Enterprise Law No. 68/2014 / QH13 November 26, 2014 the National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam;

+ Decree No. 102/2010 / ND-CP of the Government dated 01/10/2010 detailed guidelines for implementation of a number of articles of the Law on Enterprises;

+ Decree No. 43/2010 / ND-CP dated 15/4/2010 of the Government on business registration;

+ Decree No. 05/2013 / ND-CP of the Government dated 01.09.2013, amending and supplementing a number of articles concerning the administrative procedures of the Decree No. 43/2010 / ND-CP dated 15/04 / 2010 of the Government on business registration;

+ Circular No. 01/2013 / TT-BKH dated 21/01/2013 of the Ministry of Planning and Investment;

+ Circular No. 176/2012 / TT-BTC of the Ministry of Finance 10.23.2012 on charge rates and fees for business registration

2. Consultation procedures established enterprises, foreign investment procedures, procedures to change the business license.

Advice on choosing the types of businesses (Consulting model legislation and organizational structure; Legal counseling methods and operating activities; Legal consultancy relationship management positions; legal consultation rights and obligations of members / shareholders Percent legal counseling and method of capital contribution; legal consultation plan and profit sharing obligations arising processing; ...)

Completing the established business profile and customer representative procedures for issuance of the certificate of business registration. Consulting changed / added business lines, establishing branches, representative offices, changing / additional limited partners, ....

Consulting drafting regulations, regulations on internal organization and management, the operating system for business (including charter);

Legal Answers for business on labor, tax, contract, investment ...;

Counseling, drafting, reviewing contracts and other legal documents;

Related consulting division, trading, corporate mergers.

3. Consulting in business activity

Consulting contract of sale of goods, service contracts ... Regulations on forced to comply with the contract, handle violations, demanding compensation, suspension or cancellation of contracts. Advice on international trade practice;

Business conditions for some sectors;

International commitments, market opening schedule, practices, international trade practices;

The legal issues on competition, limited competition, monopoly, economic concentration in the competition, unfair competition, application of emergency measures; competition cases;

Organize a network of branches, representative offices; trade promotion and representing traders, active agents, commercial consignment;

Advice on legal regulations for the provision of services;

Commercial advertising, auction, auction of goods and services, franchising;

Internal enterprise organizations.

4. Dispute Settlement Consultant in Business service providers litigator - dispute resolution at all levels of Court, at the Organization of Arbitration, The Competitiveness Council include:

Law advice on how to resolve the dispute, assess the strengths and weaknesses of the parties to the dispute. Given the specific plan the most profitable in the process of negotiation, mediation (if any);

Guiding and advising clients lawsuit procedures, statutes of limitations, conditions for initiating, as the subject and compose the petition sent to the competent authorities. Recommendations agencies conducting legal proceedings relating to the promulgation of the decision not to due process, order ... Affect the legitimate rights and interests of customers.

Conduct investigations gathering evidence - documents, examine and evaluate evidence - documents to be submitted before the Court, Arbitration, Competition Council;

Participate in the proceedings as a defense attorney, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the client in court for the grant or the agencies conducting the proceedings;

Participate in the proceedings as a representative on behalf of clients Commissioner to- implement all the plans and the manner prescribed by law to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the customer in the best way in the hearing.

III. Lawyer services business law advice

Consultancy sector Company Law is one of the areas in which our organization provides specialized legal services. This field by the team in charge of Corporate Counsel law and dispute resolution. With experience and our knowledge, committed to consulting and making the most effective solutions for customers. In addition, we also provide services related to legal procedures to your business, company.

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