The rights and obligations of the personal

The rights and obligations of the personal

Article 17: Equality of rights and obligations between the spouses

Husband and wife are equal, with rights and equal obligations in all aspects of the family, in the implementation of the rights and obligations of citizens are stipulated in the Constitution, this Law and other relevant laws .

Article 18. Protection of rights and obligations of the identity of a spouse

The rights and obligations of the identity of spouses stipulated in this Law, the Civil Code and other relevant laws are respected and protected.

Article 19 The meaning spouses

1. Spouses are obliged to love, fidelity, respect, concern, care, help each other; share, perform household tasks.

2. Husband and wife are obliged to live together, unless otherwise agreed by the couple or by the requirements of the profession, work, study and participate in political activities, economic, cultural, social Assembly and other legitimate reasons.

Article 20. Selection of place of residence of the spouses

The choice of the place of residence of the couple by couple agreement, is not bound by traditions, customs, administrative boundaries.

Article 21. Respect for the honor, dignity and prestige of Spouse

Husband and wife have the duty to respect, preserve and protect the honor, dignity and prestige to each other.

Article 22. Respect for freedom of belief and religion of spouses

Spouses have the obligation to respect the right to freedom of belief and religion of each other.

Article 23. The rights and obligations of study, work, participate in politics, economics, culture, society

Husband and wife have rights and obligations to create conditions and help each chosen profession; learning, raise the level of culture, expertise and professional; participate in politics, economics, culture and society.

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