Resolve civil disputes

Resolve civil disputes

1. Civil Dispute Resolution

Civil disputes are disputes going on between the actors involved in civil legal relations on personal relations and property relations are protected by law. Popular with all kinds of civil disputes following a dispute over the ownership of property, disputes over civil contracts, disputes over compensation for damage outside contract, divorce issues, requirements declared missing or declared dead ....

For civil disputes the actors may agree or require court settlement according to civil proceedings. Characteristics of civil procedure are those involved in the dispute relations are obliged to provide evidence and prove themselves to their claims are legitimate, there are grounds for settlement.

So for civil cases the parties should promote the initiative and actively provide, collect, study and evaluate the evidence and documents, the relevant facts correctly, objective and adequate, given the arguments, different perspectives, invoked the provisions of the relevant legislation to resolve the case.

Besides the preparation in terms of the case, the parties participated in a civil case to understand the process and proceedings in court, knowledge of procedural law to identify bodies jurisdiction to resolve the incident, the incident resolution time and the incident handling process.

2. The civil disputes are the courts accept the settlement:

Disputes over nationality;

Disputes over ownership of the property;

Disputes over civil contracts;

Disputes over intellectual property rights; Technology transfer;

Disputes over property inheritance;

Disputes over compensation for damage outside contract;

Disputes over land use rights and assets attached to land;

Disputes related to operational activities of the press;

Other disputes that civil law provisions.

3. The requirements for civilian courts for handling settlement:

Request to declare a person without capacity for civil acts or having limited capacity for civil acts, revoke the decision to declare a person without capacity for civil acts or decisions to declare acts of limited capacity Civil.

Requires notification seeking persons absent from the residence and property management of the person.

Request to declare a person missing, annul the decision to declare a person missing.

Request to declare a person dead, annulment of the decision to declare a person dead.

Request for recognition and enforcement of judgments in Vietnam, civil decisions, decisions about assets in the judgment and decision Criminal Court's administrative or non-recognition of foreign judgments and decisions civil, property decisions in the judgments and decisions of criminal, administrative foreign court without request execution in Vietnam.

4. Consulting services resolve civil disputes

Currently the civil disputes increasingly tend to increase in number and complexity. Do not understand the law and the court process so customers are often disoriented and unaware solve your problems look like? Sue in court? What to do to protect the legitimate rights and interests of his? How to collect material evidences legally valid? Should apply legal to resolve disputes? ...

So to resolve civil disputes need the assistance of lawyers, lawyers with high legal qualifications and practical experience of lawyers will represent their clients in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests their. The activities of lawyers play an important role in resolving civil disputes in the stage of the proceedings to help individuals and organizations to protect the legitimate rights and interests of their own, ensure the proceedings are taking place in accordance with the provisions of law, contribute significantly to the protection of justice. with a team of lawyers with high qualifications and long experience in the field of civil dispute resolution in court will help customers resolve their cases quickly, efficiently Best.

Based on the case study profiles, Counsel will advise and guide customers to the following tasks:

Determine the merits of the case, subject to dispute, the competent court, the statute of limitations, analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the records;

To propose specific dispute resolution, maximum protection rights and legitimate interests for its customers;

Recommendations agencies conducting legal proceedings relating to the promulgation of the decision not to due process, order ... Affect the legitimate rights and interests of customers;

Conduct a survey, analysis, gathering the necessary evidence, examine and evaluate the evidence before the court handed truocToa;

Drafting the petition and other related documents to the applicants;

Participate in the proceedings as a lawyer to protect the rights and legitimate interests in court for clients at all levels in cases involving civil relations disputes;

Participate in the proceedings as a representative on behalf of clients Commissioner to- implement all the plans and the manner prescribed by law to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the customer in the best way in the court granted.

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