The general provisions of the CrPC

The general provisions of the CrPC

Chapter I


Article 1. Scope and tasks of the Civil Procedure Code

Civil Procedure Code stipulates the basic principles of civil procedure; order and procedures for initiating a lawsuit to the court settlement of civil disputes, marriage and family, business, trade, labor (hereinafter referred to as civil cases) and the sequence, procedures required for the court to settle the requirements of civil, marriage and family, business, trade, labor (hereinafter referred to as a civil matter); order and procedures for settling civil cases, civil matters (hereinafter referred to as civil cases) in court; civil enforcement; duties, powers and responsibilities of the agencies conducting the proceedings, who conducted the proceedings; rights and obligations of the participants in the proceedings, individuals, government agencies, people's armed forces units, economic organizations, political organizations, political organizations - social, socio-political organizations socio - professional, social organizations, social organizations - professional (hereinafter collectively referred to as agencies and organizations) concerned to ensure that the resolution of civil cases to be fast, accurate , fair and lawful.

Civil Procedure Code contribute to protecting the socialist regime, strengthening socialist legislation, to protect the interests of the State, the legitimate rights and interests of individuals, agencies and organizations; educate people to strictly abide by the law.

Article 2. Effect of the Civil Procedure Code

1. Civil Procedure Code shall apply to all civil proceedings throughout the territory of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

2. Code of Civil Procedure apply to all civil proceedings by the consulates of Vietnam conducted abroad.

3. The Code of Civil Procedure are applicable to the settlement of civil cases involving foreign elements; Where an international treaty to which the Socialist Republic of Vietnam has signed or acceded to contain different provisions, the application of the provisions of that treaty.

4. Individuals, agencies and organizations abroad are entitled to enjoy the privileges and immunities of diplomatic privileges or immunities under the laws consular Vietnam, according to the international treaties that the Republic Socialist Vietnam has signed or acceded to the civil cases related to individuals, agencies and organizations that are settled through diplomatic channels.


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Dated 07.15.2016, the State Auditor General signed Decision 02/2016 / QD-SAV promulgating auditing standards system state. Whereby: You Nguyen - The system includes 39 state audit standards and Glossary used in the system of state audit standards, with the codes and specific name. - To ...

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