Consultants goods quality registration

Consultants goods quality registration

Registration is not the quality of goods and enhance the reputation of customer confidence in the quality of enterprise products, but also as one of the legal conditions necessary and sufficient for an enterprise products circulated on the market.

Depending on the type of business products will respectively management bodies various state registration reception quality operation of enterprises. Pursuant to the provisions of the law on quality registration is done in various forms:

- Announced the goods quality standards (basic standards);

- Announcement of standard conformity goods;

- Sign up inspection, test and measurement.

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Service in the field of consulting quality registration:

- Providing legal advice relating to the registration of goods quality;

- Consultation processes and procedures for goods quality publication, published in compliance with standards, testing measurement;

- Draft publication record the quality of goods, the goods conform published standards, product testing, test measurement;

- Watch the announcement of the quality of goods, the goods conform published standards, metrology inspection at the State agency authorized;

- Exchanges, to provide information to customers in the process of publication quality of goods, published in accordance with the standards, test measurement;

- To guide customers to apply quality standards in production and business;

- Consulting to build quality management system (ISO);

- Consulting, development of standards for customer participation prizes in national and international terms of quality.

Look forward to the cooperation with customers!

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