Unregistered marriages have been common names in the red book?

Exchanging the program "Three minutes and lawyer" of the Reuters report, lawyer Nguyen Duc Chanh collaborators Law Library, confirmed on his girlfriend can fully co-signed with her boyfriend in the red book though unregistered marriage.

Dear lawyer, a female reader had asked 2 you live together but have not registered their marriage. Two of this you are about to buy a house. She questions is no registration of marriage when you can buy the two named in the red book or not?

Vietnam law prescribed various forms of property ownership and which have common ownership. Specifically, many owners may agree to establish ownership of the common property.

In your case, you and your boyfriend, although not register their marriage but have the right to deal with the assignee, buy land, and the name on the certificate of land use rights, house ownership and other assets attached to the land.

According to lawyers, although unregistered marriages, the couple still can jointly on the red book in the form of common ownership (Artwork)

So if issued "red book" is granted to anyone?

According to Paragraph 2 of Article 98 of the Land Law in 2013, if there are many common land plots of land use rights, joint ownership many houses and other assets attached to the land, the certificate of land use rights, house ownership housing and other assets attached to the land must complete names of the people who share the land use rights, the common ownership of houses and other assets attached to the land, and give each one a certificate; if the owners or users require the same level and awarded certificates to the representatives.

Pursuant to the above provision, the transferee or two you buy land and make registration of new procedures under the regulations, both of you will be named on the certificate and become a co-employer, joint ownership of these assets.

If you do so, the legal risks have not said what the lawyer?

Legally define sovereignty, there is no risk at all because all the copper used 2 you land use rights, and the OVA possesses other assets attached to the land and have been granted the "red book".

But the disposal of home ownership or land use rights may be trouble among the co-owners if there is a conflict, dispute. Since the transfer, lease, mortgage ... common property, forcing the consent of the co-owners.

Thank Library Law and lawyer Nguyen Duc Chanh has supported implementation of this program!


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Unregistered marriages have been common names in the red book?

Exchanging the program "Three minutes and lawyer" of the Reuters report, lawyer Nguyen ...

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